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About Us

Mission Antyodaya is a convergence framework for measurable effective outcomes on parameters that transform lives and livelihoods. Real Difference comes about through Convergence as it alone simultaneously addresses multi dimensions of poverty. Professionals, Institutions and Enterprises make it possible.

  • Evidence of convergence reducing poverty, raising incomes - IRMA Study.
  • Communitization' through Women SHGs improves education, health, nutrition indicators
  • Saturation approach creates many more 'islands of success' - Only Hivre Bazaar?
  • Leveraging Bank loans promotes an enterprise model.
  • Many initiatives provide for universal coverage of the eligible beneficiaries - Ujwala, SBM, PMAY, Skills, Power, Roads, internet, Bank accounts.
  • Integral positive co-relation among infrastructure, human development and sustainable economic well-being.
  • 5000 islands of successful Rural Clusters over 1000 days will be transformational.