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Mission Antyodaya survey for 2019 has been completed and data for 98 % GPs (2,65,031) has been collected . To view the reports/data analysis, kindly visit at
  • Adopted in Union Budget 2017-18, Mission Antyodaya is a convergence and accountability framework aiming to bring optimum use and management of resources allocated by 27 Ministries/ Department of the Government of India under various programmes for the development of rural areas. It is envisaged as state-led initiative with Gram Panchayats as focal points of convergence efforts.
  • Annual survey in Gram Panchayats across the country is an important aspect of Mission Antyodaya framework. It is carried out coterminous with the People’s Plan Campaign (PPC) of Ministry of Panchayat Raj and its’ purpose is to lend support to the process of participatory planning for Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).

Mission Antyodaya strives to realise the vision of Poverty-free India by 2022.

  • Ensuring effective use of resources through convergence of various Government Schemes with Gram Panchayats as the basic unit of planning.
  • Work with a focused micro plan for sustainable livelihood for every deprived households.
  • Conduct an annual survey on measurable outcomes at Gram Panchayat level to monitor the progress in the development process across rural areas.
  • Supporting the process of participatory planning for Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP), which will improve service delivery, enhance citizenship, create pace for an alliance of people’s institutions and groups and improve governance at the local level.
  • Encourages partnerships with network of professionals, institutions and enterprises to further accelerate the transformation of rural livelihoods.

Convergence of Resources and Information

  • There is a need to bring in synergies between different government programmes and schemes in terms of planning, processes and implementation to achieve the goals under SDG.
  • The Planning should consider the household and the villages as the basic unit of planning that facilitates household level micro-plan and Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).
  • Harmonising selection criteria, implementation processes and guidelines, and availability of funds at the same time is thus critical for implementation. This would need pooling of financial and human resources in different schemes of government and their rationalisation in implementing the plans at HH level and GPDP.
  • "Mission Antyodaya" encourages addressing all identified deprivations in a time-bound manner through intensifying coverage of government schemes to address individual, household and community-level deprivations in saturation mode.
  • Provisions of public services and improving access are necessary but not sufficient to address multiple deprivations. In this endeavour, over 25 Departments/Ministries of the Government are expected to provide resources to the Antyodaya GPs/Clusters on a priority basis through their programmes with a thrust on pooling of resources and delivery in saturation mode.
  • Mission Antyodaya is an accountability and convergence framework for transforming lives and livelihoods on measurable outcomes.
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